Roger Ian Davis, CCP is a highly decorated military veteran, former police chief and a sought-after terrorism specialist with expertise in safety and security program implementation and management. With the heart of a United States Marine, this disabled veteran boasts a track record encompassing the integration of countless security programs designed to reduce risks and guard against theft, crime, vandalism, sabotage and violence.

Early in his career, Roger served in the United States Marine Corp. after which he transitioned into law enforcement where he served as an officer with several local and state agencies and eventually ascended to become Chief of Police. In 2003, he worked for the Dept of Homeland Security. Since becoming Police Chief, he moved on to Federal Law Enforcement in 2003.

On two separate occasions – in 2006 New York and again in 2014 Atlanta – he was one of only 250 federal air marshals requested to join the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), a small elite group of professionals hand-selected to serve on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. 


After a prolific career in law enforcement and security management, he recently founded Bitter Brass Solutions, LLC, a threat-reduction and infrastructure protection consulting firm with offices in New York and Georgia.