Are you prepared for an emergency?


Hiring our firm to assess and analyze your security program gives you a strong advantage, even beyond what you would expect from four decades of in-the-trenches experience identifying liability exposures. Identifying areas that would strengthen the security and safety of your human and capital assets is critical to an overall plan.  Mr. Davis will review your security to make sure you have proper measures in place to deal with emergencies and work with you on your  emergency action plan to restore functions to your organization. 

The “judicial” advantage: Roger I. Davis' expertise in law enforcement and security keeps him in high demand as a witness. He has been able to analyze — in countless court cases over the years — the catastrophes that befall companies who fail to proactively plan for security incidents. Roger’s experience with the legal side of the equation helps your business avoid needless risks and stay out 

of court.

During our security assessment we’ll review all aspects of your operations:

  • Security planning to include a review of policy, procedures, and training
  • Implementation of security and life safety programs
  • Emergency preparedness/response
  • Physical security planning and integration (CCTV, alarms, and lighting)
  • Staffing of either in-house or contract security guards
  • Workplace violence preparedness